Masked Feind (angelofdeath44) wrote in ars_poetica44,
Masked Feind

Wait & See November 3rd, 2005

The storm is coming,
a constant pressure upon me.
Don't know if I can,
have to wait and see.
The storm is right there,
a constant weight on my shoulders.

There's something clawing at me,
trying to get out.
There's a weakness within me,
waiting for me to fail.
There's something begging me,
needing to get out.

The thunder sounds,
a reminder of the turmoil.
Don't understand,
have to wait and see.
The thunder booms,
a reminder of impending doom.

There's something faulty,
within me there is not much strength.
There's a lie within me,
knowing there will be a day.
There's something hurting,
within me there is only pain.

The storm breaks,
a small form of relief.
Don't know if I can,
have to wait and see.
The storm rages,
a small wonder I'm still here.

There's something building,
trying to help me.
There's something working,
pushing me through.
There's something winning,
making me continue onward.

The lightening strikes,
so near to me.
Don't understand,
have to wait and see.
The lightening shows,
so clear to me.

There's something pushing,
I can go on.
There's something leading,
I know there's a way.
There's something needing,
I want to make it through.

The storm is leaving,
another day survived.
Don't know if I can,
have to wait and see.
The storm is moving,
another small feat.

This one is kinda long but it's one of my more...positive... poems. Feedback?
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WOW-NESS! Interesting, as I am reading this, it is thundering and lightening here! Perfect timing. This is wonderful writing! Kept me reading faster to get to the next it!

THANKS!!! I was worried that this one was too long and that it would be horrible. Some times it feels like my life is a constant storm so this one really describes how I was feeling at the time. Thank you again so much for the feedback.
This was wonderful!

I can relate to the feeling of constant storm... wish I could write it like you...very talented!

Thanks again. I was so worried about it.